Ragdoll vs Balinese Cats What’s the Difference?

The Ragdoll cat and Balinese cat are two breeds in the cat family. While the two breeds appear to be similar, there are some differences between them. In this post, we will consider details about the two cat breeds.

If you are indecisive about which of the two breeds to get for yourself or your family, then this post will help you to know all about both breeds. Armed with this information, you will be able to make an informed decision. 

Ragdoll Cat Breed

To begin, we will consider the Ragdoll cat. This breed of cat comes with a rather large, bulky, and muscular frame. It is definitely not a lightweight breed and weighs more than several other cat breeds.

It is not a slow cat, though, even though it loves to pretend to be a slow, dull cat. In this post, we will consider the history of the breed, the defining characteristics, health, and care. 

History of the Ragdoll Breed 

This affectionate breed hails from the West Coast. They are a special breed that appeared recently on the scene. The breed owes its origins to Ann Baker; a breeder in Riverside California.

Nobody knows the exact breeds that were crossed to make the Ragdoll cat. However, Ann notes that she bred Josephine, a domestic stray that she found in her neighborhood. She bred her with several other cats, and the eventual result was a unique breed with endearing and affectionate characteristics. 

Characteristics of the Ragdoll Cat 

There are three characteristics that identify the Ragdoll. These are the character, the muscle tone, and sensitivity to pain. 

This breed is a very sweet, calm, and docile breed. Therefore, while there might be muttering and meows, these are not frequent (except something is wrong). 

The breed is a large breed that is almost as big as the Maine Coon. It is one of the biggest cats that you will find. It has a muscular frame and is longer than the typical cat.

The size is seen in the wide shoulders and torso, which are connected to powerful hindquarters. The average weight of the Ragdoll breed is 4.5-9 kg. This muscular nature extends to the head as well. It has a broad head with rounded contours. 

Another defining feature of this breed is the hair. The hair ranges from medium to long. All cats shed, and the Ragdoll is no exception. While the hair might be long or medium, it is often noticeably longer on the top of the head, shoulders, and back. 

The Ragdoll is one of the most physically striking cats with its large, oval eyes that come in deep blue or sapphire. 

As a pointed breed, this cat has the body lighter in color than other parts like the legs, tail, face, and ears. 

Behavior of the Ragdoll Cat 

A search of the Ragdoll breed will reveal the characteristics of this breed. One question that Ragdoll owners often ask is “Why does my Ragdoll follow me around”. This shows one of the major characteristics of this breed. 

The ragdoll shows an affinity for humans, more than any other breed of cat. Many experts and owners have noted that Ragdolls tend to have more interest in their humans than other cats. In fact, some refer to them as the ‘dogs of the cat family’. Thus, do  

not be surprised to find your Ragdoll running to meet you as you get home, follow you around the house, sleep on your bed as long as you are there, and generally follow you wherever you go. 

They are adorable and gentle cats that are also quite intelligent. Some Ragdolls have mastered the art of ‘Fetch’, answer to their names, and come to you when called. 

Playing with a Ragdoll is safe, especially if you have kids since they play without extending their claws. Unlike other breeds, most times you’ll find the Ragdoll on the floor and not on elevated points in the home. 

Its relationship with other animals and cat breeds are also gentle. It is rarely aggressive. 

Caring for the Ragdoll  

Ragdolls are quite easy to care for. Grooming is minimal with this cat as the semi-long coat is silky and plush. If you decide to groom the cat, you should do so with a steel comb. Regular grooming will increase the luster of the coat and have it looking beautiful at all times. 

One of the advantages of this breed is that it lacks an undercoat. Therefore, shedding and matting are much reduced. 

General Health of the Ragdoll 

Aside from the regular check-ups at the vet’s, the Ragdoll is a low-maintenance pet. 

As this breed is large, gentle, and generally lethargic, it might be prone to obesity, so you have to keep an eye on that. 

You can do this by introducing dry food to the cat’s diet. 

The Balinese Cat Breed

The Balinese cat is a slender and fine-boned cat. Unlike the Ragdoll, it is a rather vocal breed that loves climbing and is often found on elevated places in and around the home. The cat has really lovely hair and doesn’t have an undercoat. 

History of the Balinese Cat

The Balinese is a type of Siamese cat. The Siamese has always been a popular breed. In the early 1950s, some breeders of Siamese cats in the USA discovered that some of the kittens in a litter came with a puffier appearance than the regular Siamese cat.

Well, they knew that nobody had added any new breeds into the program and felt that these kittens were merely anomalies. For one, these kittens had fur that was longer than what was found on the regular Siamese cat. While these features were observed, there wasn’t any identification carried out and the kittens were kept as pets. 

Two breeders Helen Smith and Marion Dorsey fell in love with these special long-haired Siamese cats and decided to breed them with each other. When they saw that the breeding resulted in longer-haired Siamese cats, then it was decided to place these new cats as a breed of their own. 

This breed was first thought to be called the “Long-haired Siamese” (for obvious reasons), but the Siamese breeders didn’t want the confusion that it could breed (pun intended). So, noting how gracefully these cats moved, they were called Balinese cats. 

Characteristics of the Balinese Cat

The Balinese is a graceful feline that comes in a medium-size and has a long body. It is a slender cat with a really beautiful coat. While it is a slender cat, it doesn’t look to be wasting away. 

The head is triangular, with the ears an extension of the triangle. The eyes are beautiful and slanted. They are often deep blue with the deepest of the blue hanging around the extremities of the eyes. They are a special breed that is easy to identify as a result of these features. 

The hair makes it different from the Siamese at it is longer than what you’d find on the Siamese. It isn’t super-long, but definitely longer than what you’d get on a Siamese. The hair’s length is really visible on the tail. 

The cat has silky fur and no undercoat. 

Behavior of the Balinese Cat

Where the Ragdoll is a quiet cat that loves following you around, the Balinese is a more vocal cat, which isn’t really surprising when you consider the Siamese origins. 

The cat is a very active breed that loves climbing and lying on elevated surfaces. That is why if you have it as a pet you should provide cat trees and similar equipment for the cat. If you don’t make the adequate provisions for its perchance for climbing, then she will look for the tallest point in the home and stay there. No surprise then when you find her on your shelf, doors, and refrigerator. 

Caring for the Balinese Cat 

The Balinese is a low-maintenance cat and will benefit from the same care you give most cats. The hair is longer than usual, but it doesn’t have an undercoat. Therefore you should groom regularly. Due to the lack of an undercoat, there is little shedding. 

You can use cat pastes to clean the cat’s mouth to prevent any oral diseases. You should also provide her with clean water as it is an active cat that needs plenty of hydration. 

General Health of the Balinese Cat

This is a very healthy breed. There are no congenital diseases known to this breed. As a slender cat, it isn’t often prone to obesity. 

So Which Breed is Best For You? 

AppearanceThis is solely a matter of taste. Ragdolls are bulkier and have a likelihood of being bigger than the Balinese. 

  1. Lifestyle 

The Balinese is a more independent breed while the Ragdoll loves being the center of your attention. If you are looking for a low maintenance breed, the Balinese is the better choice. 

  1. Health 

While the Balinese is a slender cat, the Ragdoll is prone to obesity. 

 Ragdoll Balinese 
Coats Darker color points More color variations and pattern points 
Eyes Very beautiful bright blue eyes  Slanted, deep blue eyes  
Behavior Playful, Docile , and Affectionate Active and Vocal 
Health  Prone to obesity No health pre-dispositions 
Topline  Have angular topline with raised hindquarters Long, Tubular body  


So there you have it – the differences between the Ragdoll and the Balinese. Both are excellent cat breeds that provide loads of fun and are great pets to have.