Can a ragdoll cat be left alone?

Ragdoll cats are very loving animals, who get along with the people around them and are faithful to their owners. 

These cats have an elongated body and very silky and soft fur, which can be white, beige, black and cream tones. They have a characteristic color of blue eyes that stand out wherever. They are born white and often have colored points on various parts of the body. 

The Ragdoll is a calm cat that gets along well with all members of its human family. 

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? 

Ragdoll cats, like any other feline, can stay alone. That is due to their ingenuity and ability to defend themselves in the event of danger. 

But they cannot be left alone for long since their affective personality makes them less tolerant of excess loneliness. 

These cats do not require much attention. They can be left at home when you are at work or a family gathering, but you have to take into account that they do not have as much tolerance as other cats. 

Ragdoll cats have a way of showing their affection through closeness and physical contact with their owners. So if they are alone at home for a long time and do not locate their owners, they tend to get nervous and upset. 

Cat experts have suggested not leaving your Ragdoll cat for more than 24 hours, as it is necessary to avoid negatively affecting their emotions and leading them to a state of depression. 

On the other hand, if you know your cat’s health conditions very well and you are 100% sure that it can stay alone, it can be at home for a weekend without the company of someone. 

However, if it is a typical Ragdoll, perhaps it could not bear loneliness for the same period as others. 

Before considering leaving your Ragdoll cat, take into account all the pros and cons that it can feature. Think about if there are external agents that can make the pet uncomfortable, making them feel intimidated. 

Even one of the consequences of leaving Ragdoll cats alone for a long time is terrible behavior. Some of these are restlessness, constant meowing, loss of emotional bond with its owner and night activity. 

On many occasions, these behaviors cause Ragdoll cats to generate a rebellious character, so they are subsequently abandoned. 

How to Prevent Your Cat from Feeling Lonely While You are Away from Home? 

If you are afraid to leave your Ragdoll cat alone, it is advisable to bring it a companion, so it will not feel sad when its owners leave home. 

It can be a couple or a friend of games. Even many merchants are considering the idea of selling Ragdolls cats as a couple so that when they are alone, they will not be upset. 

The partner does not necessarily have to be a cat. It can be a dog. Ragdolls have a habit of snuggling and lying down with other pets, and it makes them feel happy. 

You can also let your family or friends keep an eye on the cat at times to make sure it is okay and keep it company for a while.