10 Ragdoll Cat Facts Every Cat Lover Should Know

Ragdolls are beautiful cats that are characterized by their large size and personality. They can weigh between 5 kg and 10 kg. Generally, they reach maturity at four years of age. They have blue eyes, medium ears, a broad head, semi-long white fur, and a colorpoint pattern. 

The personality of these cats is wonderful, which makes them perfect for living with a family. They are affectionate and friendly both with their family members, children, other animals, and even strangers. 

Some interesting facts that you should know are the following: 


The origins of this beautiful cat date back to the 1960s. This breed was created in California by a cat lover named Ann Baker, who had started experiencing crossbreeds using a female cat whose breed was similar to Angora and other cats of unknown origin. The parent cat was possibly a cat with fluffy, semi-long fur, and blue eyes. 

This breed was patented by Baker, obtaining the rights for each animal of its kind. 

Its Name 

Ann decided to name them “Ragdoll” because they relaxed each time she carried them in her arms. That is, when a cat of this type lies on you, you will notice that it is like a rag doll since when it relaxes its body, it projects a soft and light texture. It is for this reason that many people and families love this type of cat. 

Any Ragdoll loves to be hugged and carried in the arms of his owner or member of his human family. That is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the most loving cat breeds. 

Colors and Patterns of Its Coat 

This type of cats usually has different patterns on their fur: 

  • The colorpoint pattern is one of the most popular and consists of the ears, legs, tail, and face being dark while the rest of the body is light. 
  • The two-color pattern presents aspects similar to the colorpoint. However, it is characterized by having a white stain on the chest, paws, belly, and back. 
  • The mitted pattern also uses specific characteristics of the previous ones but also adds the white color on the forehead, neck, chin, belly, paws, and on some occasions, the thighs. 

Breed Size 

Ragdoll cats are considered one of the largest cats. As previously stated, this breed reaches maturity between 3 and 4 years. 

Male Ragdoll cats usually weigh between 5 kg and 10 kg, reaching between 30 cm and 45 cm. On the other hand, female ones can weigh from 4 kg to 6 kg and have a size between 25 cm and 40 cm. 

They are cats with a muscular body, robust bones, and a moderately broad chest. Their shoulders and thighs are also wide. The fur of these beautiful cats makes them even look much bigger. 

Blue Eyes 

One of the most attractive characteristics of Ragdoll cats is their beautiful blue eyes. However, many people think that absolutely all cats of this type have that eye color. That is an error. 

On many occasions, the eye color of a Ragdoll cat is due to its pattern. Some may have gold eyes, while others have a light greenish color. All Ragdolls are born with blue eyes, and most of them keep that color their whole life. It should be noted that the eye color of some others changes as the feline grows. 

They are Silent 

Generally, these cats do not meow frequently, and when they do, the sound is usually slight. They use that situation as a way to communicate with their owners or members of their human family. They use those sounds to express emotions, warnings, frustration, sadness, etc. 

Even on certain occasions, they can get to be very vocal when they want to obtain something. Anxiety, pain, fear, or a desire to want attention are some of the factors that drive Ragdolls to purr. 

Ragdoll Can Be Left Alone 

Unlike other animals, Ragdolls cats can remain alone during certain periods. That means you can go to work or study without worry. They are felines that do not require a lot of attention since they are capable of taking care of themselves and not make mischief. 

However, it is essential to note that you cannot leave them alone for too long. The recommendations provided by the experts affirm that we should not leave this type of cat alone for more than 24 hours. In those extreme cases, the Ragdolls could get nervous and suffer from anxiety. 

They are Easy to Maintain 

These cats are easy to care for. The coat of a Ragdoll is possibly the only attribute that requires maintenance, so it is important to brush it when it is needed. The most recommended thing is to brush its coat at least twice a week with a soft comb. 

It is also vital to keep in mind that having a long coat, any type of residue could adhere to it. Therefore, be sure to prepare a clean space for your cat where it can be without getting dirty. 

They are Therapy Cats 

Ragdolls are used as therapy cats, especially for seniors or those with health problems. That is because they are very affectionate and have a passive character that makes others feel calm. 

This breed helps improve people’s emotional state and turn a sad day into a happy one. 

They are Excellent Pets 

Most families love the idea of having a Ragdoll cat in their lives. That is due to the beautiful and tender personality they present. 

Ragdolls can coexist harmoniously with each member of the family, other animals, and strangers. They can even be excellent companions for children. 

A Ragdoll cat will give you a lot of affection and will form strong bonds with you. It will follow you everywhere and want to snuggle with you always. You will not be able to avoid being next to it due to its fluffy fur. 

It should be noted that the Ragdolls are very loyal cats to their owners and will always try to protect you when they think you are in danger.