Do Ragdolls Like Being Picked Up?

Most cats tend to be affectionate, but the Ragdolls are those that powerfully show this characteristic. These cats are friendly to members of their human family as well as strangers or other animals (including dogs). 

Ragdoll cats are characterized by being one of the largest breeds with fluffy, soft fur. These physical characteristics make people feel the need to pick them up to hug them. 

These cats are very calm, and they love to show their affection towards us either by purring or lying down next to us. Ragdolls are one of the best pets you can have at home. 

Do Ragdolls Like Being Picked Up? 

The Ragdoll cat breed is characterized by being very relaxed and calm. They are pets that were born to live inside a house. They are cats with a lot of energy, depending on the moment, but less than an ordinary cat. In other words, it will not jump on a piece of furniture or table if it is not necessary. 

Undoubtedly, these cats love to be picked up and hugged since, as we said at the beginning, they are very affectionate and friendly, especially with their human family, who are the people they love the most. The Ragdolls love the attention and affection you can give them. 

Do Ragdolls Limp When You Pick Them Up? 

This breed of cats got its name because when picked up, they become entirely limp. In large part, that is due to its relaxed and calm appearance. 

Ragdolls love to be hugged, and many people adore them because they weaken and relax when you pick them up. That gives you the feeling of wanting to hug them much more. 

Another aspect to consider is that these cats limp when you pick them up, and that is for the same reason. When you pick them up, they weaken, and they limp with a lack of energy when they start walking. It is part of its own physical characteristics. 

You should keep in mind that everything we have mentioned above will depend on the way you pick it up and its mood. That is why it is important to consider that each cat of this type has its own personality, and not all of them will adapt to the expectations that we have. 


If you are a pet lover, possibly a Ragdoll is the right one. You will have a very loving cat that will follow you everywhere and will give you all its love. The best part is that you will be able to pick them up like a rag doll, so you will notice that they will become flabby while holding them. You will feel the need to hug it every day due to its fluffy fur and large size.