Are Ragdoll Cats Friendly?

Many people believe that all cats are independent animals without any interest in socializing and showing affection. Perhaps some are, but we cannot generalize on this fact. There are many breeds of cats, and each one has its own personality and temperament. 

These people do not have much knowledge about the different breeds of cats that exist. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate all those prejudices so that not all types of cats are involved. In this case, we will refer to Ragdoll cats. 

Are Ragdoll Cats Really Friendly? 

As we have said previously, people have the belief that all cats are not friendly. That is not the case with Ragdoll cats. These animals are one of the most faithful pets. 

These cats are very loving to the members of their human family. They follow their owners to any part of the house without disturbing them. Unlike other breeds, Ragdoll cats can also socialize with other animals (including dogs) and strangers. We must keep in mind that they need to get used to these strangers first to trust them. However, this process does not usually take long. 

The Ragdoll cat is a perfect pet, especially for homes where there are families with children. These animals are friendly and loving to children. That’s because this type of cat likes to play a lot. 

Certain precautions need to be taken before the child comes into contact with the cat. You must introduce the cat to your child and make him understand that it is not a toy. You have to know how to control your child’s interactions with the cat regardless of how old your child is. The same goes for the pet since it is probably their first time in front of a child, so it will need to interact with him slowly to get used to him. The best you can do is monitor them until you have complete confidence that nothing will happen. 

Ragdoll cats are very loving and friendly par excellence. It means that it is almost impossible for you to meet a cat of this type that is aggressive since they are generally very calm. However, keep in mind that these loyal cats will try to express certain behaviors to protect their owners. 

Ragdolls love to play with people and are very trusting of them. They are very affectionate and will always try to show you their love. They use various ways to show their affection through purrs, rubbing their head on your legs or following you everywhere. They like to receive the same love and friendship that they give to their masters. Also, they need to be caressed or hugged to feel your love. 


These wonderful animals are known for their physical features but mainly stand out for their personality. If you have children and want a pet that behaves correctly not only with them but also with your guests, then the Ragdoll is the one. You will have a pretty friendly pet that will show their love to you all the time.