How long do ragdoll cats live?

The Ragdoll is an extremely sociable, relaxed, composed cat. This feline particularly loves pampering and being held in your arms. Its name derives from its ability to completely abandon itself in the master’s arms as if it were a rag doll.

The life expectancy of this breed is very long. Ordinarily, it spans between 15 and 25 years. Here are some additional facts that may influence how long do ragdoll cats live.

A safe environment with plenty of healthy foods

Ordinarily, the health of an individual cat depends on the way he or she lives. Most veterinarians argue that a cat’s average life expectancy may vary, mainly depending on the environment in which it lives. Some of them also add that a cat who spends most of his free time in nature tends to survive for about seven years, while a domestic cat usually lives around fourteen years.

The Ragdoll cat is known for its extraordinary meekness and strong propensity towards the human being. These qualities make this breed particularly suitable for domestic life. Ragdoll cats are the ideal companions for children and elderly people. Thus, if the food is of excellent quality, the cat will prefer a comfortable and relaxed life.

Ragdoll cats need a life without any sort of stress

The selection of the breed aimed to obtain a cat out of the ordinary. The Ragdoll cat becomes remarkably attached to the owner and entirely devoid of aggressive behavior. Commonly, the Ragdoll cat does not scratch nor bite.

On the contrary, it is a very sociable cat, with other animals too. Very affectionate and in need of protection, this breed suffers a lot from loneliness and loves to spend his or her days in the company of his human, allowing the owner to manipulate him/her at will.

The surrender and delicacy of the Ragdoll cat presuppose a marked sensitivity on the part of the family that welcomes the newcomer. In particular, it is necessary to teach children that the cat needs its own space and that they must treat him or her with absolute respect. Mischievous children can stress the ragdoll cat a lot, causing many problems or health hazards for both of them.

Regular checks at the vet

Another typical physical aspect of Ragdoll is its high pain threshold. It is often difficult to understand its state of health. Besides, this peculiarity can lead the cat to injure itself involuntarily. That is why keeping a Ragdoll cat requires meticulous and constant surveillance.

Annual health checks may provide a safe degree of certainty about the health of the cat. However, if you keep noticing differences in the behavior of the cat, make at least a phone call to your vet or record a video to share on WhatsApp for the vet to give you some advice.

Beware of falls. Unfortunately, Ragdoll has very slow reflexes. This breed cannot turn over in mid-air to fall on its feet. This is why it is crucial to handle the cat with extreme care. Always be careful that it does not fall.