Why Do Ragdolls Follow You Around?

As a cat lover, you likely know about the Ragdoll cat. This fascinating breed is a very affectionate type of cat, unlike many others in the world. It is a cat that really loves spending time with its owner.

No wonder, then, that many prefer this breed to any other breed. After seeing Ragdoll owners with their cats, many have decided to get these adorable animals. Before you get one, or if you already have one, it is important to know why the cat acts the way it does. Why does the Ragdoll follow you everywhere? Well, we will answer this question in this post. 

Ragdoll Breed 

The ragdoll is a very affectionate breed of cat. Compared to other cats commonly kept as pets, it is super affectionate and behaves the most like a dog. A relatively big cat, it enjoys moving around with the owner. 

This behavior is a result of several factors, but perhaps the most important reason it does this is that it is a curious and trusting animal. Right from when they are kittens, they are very inquisitive animals and they do not lose this inquisitiveness even when they are grown. 

Let’s consider why they follow you around in detail and how they set a sterling example of affection for other cat breeds. 

1. They are affectionate  

If you have ever owned this breed of cat, you likely have seen that they love showing affection to their owners. You certainly must have observed this. They show this affection in different ways, including rubbing up against you, looking for pats and rubs, and lying around you most of the time to be cuddled. They have an affectionate aura of laziness about them. 

This keeps these cats a perfect pet to have if you are lonely or looking for some affection. The affectionate nature makes the ragdoll cat follow you around. They do this with the primary aim of having rubs and pats. 

Therefore, if you observe that the ragdoll is following you around, chances are that it is doing this for attention and wants to be showered with affection. In other words, the cat does this because she loves you. 

2. Boredom 

Another reason why this cat follows you around is boredom. As an affectionate cat, the ragdoll is highly emotionally dependent on you. This is one reason why many refer to the ragdoll as the’ dog in the cat family’. Where other breeds might hate cuddling and close contact with people, this breed loves and feeds off affection. 

Away from affection, though, it might be bored. Just like dogs, this cat might be unhappy f you fail to give the attention that she craves. And if she doesn’t get the affection, she will become bored and start looking for ways to catch your attention. 

Many professionals and cat owners, therefore, recommend that you do not leave your cat alone for hours on end. You should not be absent for up to five hours unless the cat will feel lonely and left out. And if you cannot take her with you, ensure that there are enough toys to play with while you are absent. 

One way to keep your cat engaged is by getting another cat breed, whether a ragdoll or something else. This would allow her to play with others and cuddle when you are absent. 

And once you are through the day, ensure that you play with your cat. This keeps her healthy and happy. 

3. Hunger 

Apart from being a naturally affectionate breed and being bored, the ragdoll cat might also be following you around because she is hungry. Her bowl might be empty and some time elapsed since she last ate. Therefore, she might want you to feed her. 

However, since the ragdoll is highly affectionate and friendly, you might find it tricky knowing whether she is bored, hungry, or just wants to be around you. 

One thing that you can do to stop this from happening is to have a good schedule of feeding. With this schedule, you will keep your cat happy and fed most of the time. And when you have a schedule, your cat will have a routine, which will make it easier for you to have play sessions and other stuff. The schedule also helps to create a stronger bond between you and your cat. 

Why the Ragdoll Talks a Lot 

Apart from following you around, another thing that your ragdoll might do is meow or ‘talk’ a lot. While this might be endearing and cute at first, you might start to feel annoyed after some time because of the constant talking. Well, what might cause this? And what can you do to deal with this? Let’s see. 

Ragdoll Meowing 

The first thing to know is that this breed is one of the quietest cat breeds in the world. Therefore, if the cat continues to meow frequently, there might be a problem. A very tiny percentage of Ragdolls are chatterboxes, and most of these cats only talk when they are hungry. Also, they might start talking more the older they get. 

Your cat likely falls in this small percentage if you notice that most of the talking occurs when it goes to the bathroom, spies its reflection, or is engaging in an activity. 

As we have pointed out severally in this article, these cats are by nature, quite needy. They love people and always want to be cuddled, petted, and taken care of. That is why they would latch on to you and follow you around. 

Several ragdoll owners have curbed the talking with a NO command. Once this is given, she might stop. 

To know how to stop the talking, try to understand what the ragdoll is saying to you. 

What the Meowing might mean 

There are different reasons why the ragdoll might meow. In this post, we will discuss five of the main reasons for this. 

1. Warning 

This type of talk is a sound made by your cat when it feels threatened or when it is scared. It is only generated when the cat wants to defend itself. It comes as a growl or hiss. It is a very important noise to note because they indicate that the cat is in danger or it has seen something that it deems to be dangerous. 

One of the funniest ways that this noise is generated is when the ragdoll hisses at another animal because it is taking your attention away from her. 

2. Frustration 

Another thing that might cause your ragdoll to make noise is frustration. If for instance, a toy is just out of reach of the cat, it might produce sounds of frustration. They are often easily distinguished from the other sounds made by the cat. 

These noises are also made when the cat is playing with other animals that are out of her reach. This noise doesn’t last for a long time and will stop when the object or animal moves far away. 

3. Attention 

Aside from following you around, the ragdoll might also meow to get your attention. Remember that this cat loves being the center of attention. Therefore if she feels that you aren’t paying enough attention to her, she might begin to meow. It is sometimes annoying, but certainly not a form of aggression. It often follows this meowing with following you around until you show it attention. 

A soft meow is often the clearest sign of this need. It simply wants your acknowledgment. 

4. Satisfaction 

This is a noise that is common to cats. It makes a purring sound when it is happy and content. It often does this during cuddling or patting. However, you should watch it carefully because it might also be doing this when in pain or some other uncomfortable position. 

What can you do? 

Well, first you should note the type of noise that it is making. If the cat is often following you around, you can get it a companion like another cat. If it follows you and will not stop talking, it is likely seeking your attention. 

When getting another cat, you might not want the stress that comes from having two Ragdolls. Thus, you can opt for quieter breeds like the Abyssinian. Getting a partner might reduce the boredom and talking, depending on the cause of this. 


So, why is your ragdoll always following you? If it follows you most of the time, it is likely doing that because she loves you. She is an affectionate cat that loves attention and always wants to be with you. Additionally, these cats thoroughly enjoy being petted. 

Another reason why she might be following you around is boredom. Ragdolls should not be left alone for long hours. And while away, ensure that she has enough toys to keep her occupied. 

Lastly, the cat might follow you around because she is hungry. Therefore, have a schedule of feeding and stick to it. 

Following these steps will keep your cat happy.