How Long Do Indoor Ragdoll Cats Live?

We all know how special cats are as pets. They are incredible friends with whom you can have a good time together, whether resting or having fun. 

Ragdoll cats are wonderful animals that have great affection for us. That makes us very fond of them. They are furry, huggable, and very calm, making it very easy to love them. 

These types of pets must be cared for and maintained with responsibility and love. Taking proper care of our pets will allow them to have a longer life. 

How Long Do Indoor Ragdoll Cats Live? 

Ragdolls are indoor cats, mainly due to their own characteristics. It means that it is not recommended that you let your cat out of the house as it may be vulnerable to danger. 

It is important to note that these cats, in theory, tend to live less than an ordinary cat due to the natural relationship of the ancestor cats that allowed the creation of this beautiful breed. This situation makes us see the importance of caring for these cats. 

The first thing to note is that a Ragdoll, from its birth, has a slow maturation. Generally, they reach their full maturation approximately between three and four years. During that time, your cat will not stop growing and developing. 

Healthy Ragdoll cats have a life expectancy of approximately 15 years. However, there is evidence of cats of this type that have lived even more than 20 years. The truth is that the longevity of your cat will depend on you. 

If you want your Ragdoll to live for many years, you should focus on providing the necessary care. 


It is the fundamental factor for your cat to have a longer life expectancy. Fortunately, feeding these cats is not complicated. Ideally, you should feed it dry or wet cat food. You should always remember to accompany its menu with a little fresh water to avoid choking. 

Why is food important to a Ragdoll? These cats, like many other breeds, are prone to being overweight due to their physical features. So the proper diet will prevent your cat from gaining excess weight. 

Physical Exercises 

Every living being needs to exercise to be in good health. A balanced diet should be complemented with a good and moderate exercise routine. Ragdolls are not the best when it comes to physical activity. However, you must motivate it through rewards to maintain an excellent physical condition and, therefore, good health. 


Ragdoll cats are characterized by requiring little hygienic care. The most important thing to consider is the maintenance of its coat. That’s because it has long hair, which has a greater tendency to fall out, so it is important to brush it a few times a week. 

In the same way, these cats tend to get dirty because their long fur sticks all the residues in the places where it sits or lies down. 


Caring for our Ragdoll is of utmost importance to help it live longer. Providing your pet with adequate food, frequent physical exercises, and constant grooming will allow it to be less likely to suffer diseases or any condition. Therefore, your Ragdoll will have a higher chance of living 20 years or more.