Do Ragdolls Purr a Lot?

Cats are wonderful pets that many families in the world have in their homes. One of the most beautiful breeds is the Ragdoll, which is characterized by being very affectionate and attached to the members of its human family. 

These types of animals need to communicate both with other cats and their owners. It does it through body gestures and also through purring. 

Do Ragdolls Purr a Lot? 

Most cat breeds purr because they need a vocal form to communicate with their owners. Ragdolls are no exception, and they do so, especially when interacting with some members of their human family. However, the sound of their purrs is often less than that of ordinary cats. 

The Ragdolls use the purrs as a way to express their emotions or attract their owners’ attention. This sound, pleasant for some and not so much for others, is produced in the muscles inside our cat’s larynx. 

Ragdoll cats can purr for different reasons. Some of them are requests, demands, emotions, anxiety, desire to receive attention, complaints, pain, fear, etc. That sound is one way that our cat can let us know its feelings or needs. 

Why Do Ragdoll Cats Purr? 

As we have said before, there are several reasons why our Ragdolls are very vocal. Next, we will try to explain some of them in detail. 


It is one of the main reasons for the purring of a Ragdoll. These cats are very loving and friendly to their owners. They create a strong bond with them, demonstrating the affection they have for each other. If you allow your Ragdoll to sit next to you or on your legs, you will make it feel happy. The same feeling of satisfaction is generated in it when lying next to you in bed. 

During those moments, your Ragdoll will position itself in the most comfortable position and begin to purr. 


Ragdoll cats are very emotional animals. That means that any irresponsible act from you can make it feel sad and depressed. These animals are like us because they have the same feelings and emotions. 

You must give your cat as much love as you can. When you don’t do that, your Ragdoll is likely to find itself in a situation where it feels sad and begins to purr to let you know. That is one of the reasons why they seek to get your attention. In those cases, your Ragdoll cat starts generating these types of sounds successively until you pay attention to it. 

In many cases, those excessive purrs can be annoying, considering that their sounds are lower than average. 


This situation generally occurs when your cat is afraid. Through meows or purrs, it tries to warn you about a situation where it thinks it is in danger.  

However, you should not ignore these types of sounds since the danger that your Ragdoll is warning you about may be real. 


This type of sound is common in cats. Ragdolls are characterized by curiosity, which makes it more frequent for them to generate frustration in the form of purring. That situation occurs when they try to play with another animal or toy and cannot do it. 

They can also generate purring frustration when they don’t get what they want. However, this happens very rarely since this type of cat is very calm.