Blue Point Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are amazing and fun pets to keep at home. Its personality is very affectionate with people, especially with their human family. 

Everyone adores these cats, so it is more frequent to buy them to have them as cute pets. They are not only known for their personality, but they are physically large, with bright blue eyes and silky smooth fur like that of a rabbit. Besides, all cats of this breed have pointed ears and tails. 

They always have intense blue eye color and a loving and friendly personality towards human beings. 

Ragdoll cats come in a variety of colors and patterns that make them stand out. There are cream, lilac, red, seal, blue, and chocolate-colored cats. 

It should be noted that when Ragdoll cats are born, they are white. Therefore, we cannot determine what type of Ragdoll it is at the moment. We can begin to notice it about a week later or more. 

You can quickly recognize a blue or seal cat as soon as that pattern is present on its body a few days after it is born. 

Chocolate and lilac cats cannot be fully determined until after three or four weeks. When they are eight or twelve weeks old, they have good color, but it is not enough to distinguish them. After two years, its tonality becomes concrete, and at that moment, we can determine what type of Ragdoll it is. 

The dot patterns that stand out the most and impose are Mitted and Bicolor. However, the coat of all cats darkens. 

Blue Point Ragdoll 

The blue-colored Ragdoll cat is one of the most adored and cutest in the world. 

This cat is so named because it is dark bluish-gray, that is, its points are bluish-gray. Its body is a light platinum tone. We must emphasize that the area of ​​its chest and stomach has a bluish-gray color. 

Its nose and foot pads are dark grayish blue, that is, a slate color. 

Its points are deep blue and represent a cold, dark, and serene tone. All that accompanied by its large deep blue eyes and the balance of colors between its body and its stomach. 


Ragdoll cats, whether cream, lilac, red, seal, blue, and chocolate, tend to have three types of patterns on their fur. So, the blue point cat can present the following: 


It is usually a point that does not have white marks on the cat’s body. The pointy parts of its body, such as the tail, ears, feet, nose, and face, are the same color, but the body is lighter in tone than usual. 


This pattern is similar to the previous one, but they present specific differences. The legs of these beautiful cats are white. Mittens are called to its front legs and booties to its hind legs.  

They may have a white chin and a stronger color point on the face. Its ears and tail are always the same color point. 


This word means two colors. They have an inverted V on the face and a pink nose. Its legs and lower belly are always white. The tail, ears, nose, and back (spaced out) are brown.