Are Ragdolls High Maintenance?

Having a pet not only means having a friend but also a responsibility. Ragdoll cats are beautiful animals that have been considered as one of the best pets of today. 

This incredible breed of domestic cats is characterized by being large and having blue eyes. They have a beautiful long or semi-long coat that is usually white when the cat is born, and over time, it forms patterns and other colors. 

This cat is perfect for families or lonely people. They are excellent companions who will give you all their love. Generally, this breed is easy to care for and maintain. However, it is a living being that must be treated in the best way and cared for accordingly. Therefore, you must ensure that you provide all the necessary care to have good health and physical appearance. 

Brushed Fur 

It is the aspect that should be considered the most for the maintenance of a Ragdoll. These cats have beautiful fur that must be groomed frequently. It should be noted that unlike other cats, the hair of this feline does not require a high level of treatment because it does not have an internal coat. 

It is recommended to brush the fur of your Ragdoll approximately twice a week using a soft comb to avoid damaging its hair. You should do this since the cat is young so that it gets used to it and does not feel uncomfortable in the future every time you comb it. 

Dental Hygiene 

Like humans, the teeth of a Ragdoll and any other cat can be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to brush your pet’s teeth frequently to avoid dental problems that can cause illness. 

An animal of this type likely develops a dental disease due to its owners’ poor care. That is why you, as its owner, must feed it with healthy food and brush its teeth. 


Animals of this type often suffer from obesity due to poor nutrition provided by their owners. It is essential that you establish a healthy diet based on protein and low amounts of carbohydrates. 

Be sure to feed it balanced food portions according to its age and weight. Give your Ragdoll fresh water along with every meal served. 


Where a Ragdoll rests and spends its time is also essential. You need to make sure that its litter box is neat. This type of feline usually lies on the sand to rest or stretch. At that point, it is likely to get dirty with the sand. 

However, we must bear in mind that this animal can relieve itself in the litter box. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate the waste produced to prevent it from sticking to our cat’s fur. 


Ragdolls generally do not require strict maintenance, but it is important to regularly carry it out to ensure the good health and well-being of our pets. That will allow them to feel good all the time and lower the risk of developing an illness.